About Cookies

Cookies are small data files that websites can store on your computer when you visit them. Cookies allow websites to 'remember' you and allow you to set and keep preferences for that site - such as language preference, and also to identify you to make registering or logging in and out easier. They can also be used to help track your movements through the site to help the website owner improve performance and relevance of content.

For the most part, cookies are harmless and completely benign. You can instruct your web browser to accept cookies or not, and tell your web browser whether or not to keep them after your browsing session has ended. If you are using a personal device it's usually fine to allow the cookies to expire naturally. On a shared computer, such as a school, library or cyber-cafe computer it's probably more appropriate to clear your cookies after the session has ended.

There's a very good and detailed explanation of cookies, their use, and the Laws about them here.

Cookie Use

This website sets the following cookies:

  • cookie_notice_accepted - remembers that you have seen the notice about cookies at first visit.
Third Party Cookies
  • _ga cookie - This cookie allows us to use Google performance tools and remembers your identity. It's used by Google and not us.
  • _gat cookie - This cookie allows us to use Google performance tools and is used to make sure you don't see repeat content.