Fair Use Policy

Fair Use Policy

This policy describes the intended usage of the Service. The Service is intended only for the usage for which it has been designed and it's important for the stability of the service, and the safety of all users that the Service is used for the purpose it has been designed.

Intended use
The Service is intended for personal, non-commercial use as a mobile telecommunications service. It shall not be re-sold, re-purposed or used in any other way.

SIM use
The Engine Mobile SIM card may only be used in a single, personal, hand-held mobile telephone. It may not be used in a SIM gateway device or connected to any other device, computer, network or system. It may not be modified.

Reputation or Legality
The Service may not be used in any way that endangers our reputation or the stability of our communications network. Any such usage or disclosure will cause the Termination of the Agreement as described in the Terms and Conditions.

Inclusive Minutes
Inclusive minutes include all calls to UK 01,02,03 and 07 numbers. Calls and SMS to overseas operators including those in British dependencies are excluded from inclusive minutes and will be charged separately.
Unlimited minutes and SMS on the Gold bundle are intended to provide peace-of-mind for the account holder. It is not intended to provide other than what-is-reasonable personal communications. If we determine that usage is unreasonable, or in any case, not being used for normal personal communications, then the Agreement will be Terminated or we may impose normal network protection measures that can include, but are not be restricted to, rate throttling, call length limiting, or call setup rate limiting.

Tethering of the mobile phone is permitted. Data usage above Inclusive limits will be charged.