Phone Engines Features

Call Recordings

Our Call & Text recording is done via a SIM card and NOT an extension number or app. Our SIM cards record all calls and text to and from the phone. The recordings are available for unlimited reviewing in the online portal, that you will be given access to upon activating your SIM.

Text Transcripts

In your online account you are given the option to turn each recorded conversation into a downloadable and printable text transcript. Being able to turn your conversations with clients into transcripts makes archiving information as quick, easy and as simple as possible.

Auto Invoicing

The settings in your account give you the power to automatically create invoices to post into your CRM system or to send directly to a client after each call. This powerful feature ensures that you never forget to charge a client for your time, potentially saving you from missing out on hundreds of pounds.

Online Account

Upon activating a SIM, you will be given access to your own personal secure online account. The Account will store all of your recordings, allow you to create transcripts and set up automatic invoicing for each call. As the account is stored away from the phone itself, there is no danger of losing vital information if your phone is lost or stolen.